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Our approach

Kershaw Phillips Consulting works with clients to understand what is important to them and develop an approach tailored to their specific priorities and needs. In each project we deliver understanding and strategic recommendations for achieving stakeholder alignment, improving organisational effectiveness and delivering sustainable development.

Our services

Our core areas of expertise are listed below. Click on the heading to learn more about what we do:

Social research - Understanding people’s experiences, expectations and preferences to inform policy development, business planning and service responsiveness.  
Community engagementHosting and harvesting dialogues and connections between citizens, companies and governments.  
Program and policy evaluation –Assessing effectiveness of service design and delivery, policy implementation and workforce capabilities.  
Strategic stakeholder communications –Working with clients on all stages of effective communications (audience analysis, message development, strategic issues management and campaign design and evaluation) as well as research and development of evidence-based tenders for human services.  
Social impact assessment - Helping organisations to understand their impacts on communities and develop solutions that address stakeholders’ concerns.  

Our work covers a range of fields:

Education and Employment Multiculturalism Sustainability Human services
1. Career advice services
2. School teaching workforce development
1. Multicultural advisory structures
2. Multicultural education strategies
3. Inclusive service planning
1. Facilitating stakeholder engagement about corporate social responsibility
2. Social impact assessment
1. Customer experience research
2. Service design and review
3. Organisational change and professional development
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