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Director:    Dr Scott Phillips

Scott is a specialist in applying qualitative social research to policy development, program and policy evaluation and business sustainability. He has over 25 years experience working with government, academic and business organisations

He specialises in understanding and aligning the interests of stakeholders – communities, companies, non-profit organisations and governments – to achieve productive partnerships, policies and human services. He is also highly capable of coordinating teams to develop tender documentation, research projects and the production of written materials (including reports, briefs and speeches).

Scott operates as a sole provider of consultancy services and can draw on a network of highly qualified and experienced associates with complementary skills in quantitative research, foresight and media.

His doctorate, from Oxford University, concerned the changing nature of people's local identity and sense of belonging in the context of increasingly national and global connections.

Scott has completed evaluation, research and tender development projects in multicultural services, education, careers advice, health services, disability services and environmental sustainability. He has provided consulting services to community organisations, non-profit organisations, governments, mining, manufacturing and banking companies.

Scott is an experienced facilitator and presenter. He has facilitated strategic planning and professional development workshops for a wide range of clients. He has facilitated community advisory panels on environmental sustainability issues. And he has presented on his work at conferences, nationally and internationally.

Scott is an accredited mediator and uses these skills in his social research and stakeholder relations work.


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