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The following is a selective list of publications:

Books, Monographs & Research Reports

  S. Brown, P. Kelly and S.K. Phillips (2018) Socio-ecological models of young people’s well-being, resilience and enterprise: The Whittlesea Middle Years School (Re)Engagement Pilot Project  
  S.K. Phillips (2018) Evaluation of Community Support Department Business/Service Plan 2017 – 2021: Year 1 (2017-2018)  
  S. K. Phillips (2018) The Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Youth2 Campaign – Asks, Interventions, Outcomes: Report on a half-day co-design conversation of the Youth2 Campaign Group (Prepared for Melbourne City Mission and Youth2 Campaign Group)  
  S. K. Phillips (2018) Mitchell Shire Life Stages Strategy 2040 - Stage 1: 2017-2021 (Prepared for Mitchell Shire Council)  
  S. K. Phillips (2018) Integrated Lifecourse Framework: Guidance for co-designing integrated, intergenerational community supports (Prepared for Wyndham City Council)  
  S. K. Phillips (2017) Integrated Lifecourse Framework: Translating Service Principles into Practical Community Support Services (Literature Review and Report prepared for Wyndham City Council)  
  S. K. Phillips (2016) Policies related to Wyndham’s Community Support Department: A whole-of-life perspective – A Briefing Paper (Prepared for Wyndham City Council)  
  S. K. Phillips (2016) Kindergarten Services Model Reform Project – Final Report (Prepared for Wyndham City Council)  
  S. K. Phillips (2015) Evaluation of Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre’s Parenting in a New Culture (PINC) Program (Final Report prepared for Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre)  

Linda Hancock  & Scott Phillips (2015) Evaluation of Impact and Social Return on Investment of Leaders for Geelong Program: Final Report (Report prepared for Committee for Geelong, February 2015)

  S.K. Phillips (2013) Social Impact and Opportunity Assessment: Proposed reopening of the Iron Ore mine in Iron Knob region by Arrium Mining (Consultant Report prepared for Arrium Mining, July 2013)  

D. Manning and S.K Phillips (2013) RDNS Active Service Model Evaluation Project Final Report: RDNS Home and Community Care Program Active Service Model Implementation 2010 – 2013 (Electronic version available at http://www.health.vic.gov.au/hacc/projects/

  S.K. Phillips (2013) Peer Review of Social Impact Assessment prepared by Urbis (dated September 2012) on behalf of NPV Development Pty Ltd for proposed Nelson Place Village on the Former Port Phillip Woollen Mills site located in south west Nelson Place and Kanowna Street, Williamstown, published on line by Hobsons Bay City Council [PDF]
Peer Review of Social Impact Assessment prepared ... - Hobsons Bay
  S. K. Phillips (2012) Widening Participation in Higher Education for People from Low SES Backgrounds: A Case Study of Deakin University’s Existing Community Partnerships and Collaborations (Alfred Deakin Research Institute Working Paper Series Paper No 34) accessible in electronic format at http://deakin.edu.au/alfred-deakin-research-institute/working-papers.php  
  S.K Phillips (2008) ‘Shifting to Sustainable Business: OneSteel Whyalla Steelworks Case Study’, Refereed Paper in IAIA08 Conference Proceedings, The Art and Science of Impact Assessment: 28th Annual Conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment, 4-10 May 2008, Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, Perth, Australia (www.iaia.org) Electronic version available at http://dev.iaia.org/pdfs/concurrentsessions/CS4-6_corporate_Phillips.pdf.  
  Angela Southwell and Scott Phillips (2005) Administrative Burden: Qualitative Research Report - A survey of local government administrative burden on small business (Report by TNS for Australian Government)  
  S.K. Phillips (2005) Review of Multicultural Advisory Group and Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Officer Functions at Hobson’s Bay City Council (Report prepared for Hobson’s Bay City Council)  
  Gangemi, M., J. Martin, R. Marton, S.K. Phillips, M. Stewart (2003) Socioeconomic Impact Assessment of Bushfires on Rural Communities and Local Government in Gippsland and North East Victoria Report, for Timber Towns Victoria,& Municipal Association of Victoria. (Electronic version)  
  S.K Phillips and Charles Khoo (2003) Designing and delivering multicultural drug education Monograph published by International Journal of Learning. (Details at http://scottkphillips.author-site.com/ProductShop/ )  
  S.K. Phillips (Ed) (2001) Everyday Diversity: Australian Multiculturalism and Reconciliation in Practice, Common Ground Publishing, Australia  

Chapters in books


S.K. Phillips (2010), ‘Community-based approaches to drug abuse issues: Some lessons learned and future implications’, in R. White (Ed), Youth Work and Youth Issues, ACYS Publishing, Hobart

  S.K Phillips (2006) ‘Difference’, in T. Fitzpatrick, H. Kwon, N. Manning, J. Midgley and G. Pascall, International Encyclopedia of Social Policy, Routledge, London
  S.K. Phillips (2004) ‘Designing Local Solutions to Global Issues: Developing School Teachers Skills for Culturally Specific Drug Education’ in M. Apple, J. Kennaway and M. Singh, eds, Globalising Public Education: Policies, Pedagogy and Politics Peter Lang, New York  
  S.K. Phillips (2001) ‘Rethinking contemporary multicultural community services: towards inclusiveness’, in S.K. Phillips (Ed), Everyday Diversity: Australian Multiculturalism and Reconciliation in Practice, Common Ground Publishing, Australia  

Refereed Journal Articles

  S. K. Phillips (2017) ‘Building the evidence base for children’s and family support services using practice-based evidence’, Peer reviewed Poster presented at Global Evidence Summit, Cape Town, South Africa, September 2017, and published via ResearchGate website at https://www.researchgate.net/publication/320164611_Building_the
  R. Marton and S.K. Phillips (2005) ‘Modernising policy for public value Learning lessons from the management of bushfires.’, Australian Journal of Public Administration Vol 64, No 1 – March 2005:74 – 82  
  S.K Phillips, R. Marton, J. Martin, M. Gangemi and M. Stewart (2003) ‘A Baptism of Fire: Issues with Citizen-Government Partnerships in Fighting Fires in Rural Victoria’, in Canberra Bulletin of Public Administration Issue No 109 - September 2003: 45 - 50  
  S.K. Phillips (2003), ‘Inter-faith Dialogue, Inter-Cultural Dialogue: A Basis for Global Security’, in Australian Journal of Religious Studies (Special Issue: After September 11th: Religion, Diversity and Social Cohesion under Globalisation) 16 (2): 101 – 114  

Whole of government annual reports

  S.K. Phillips et al (1997) Responding to Diversity:  Progress in implementing the Charter of Public Service in a Culturally Diverse Society - Access and Equity Annual Report 1997 (Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs).  
  S.K. Phillips et al (1996) Access and Equity: Annual Report 1996 (Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs)  


  S. K. Phillips (2018) ‘Co-designing healthy bodies and places requires a lifecourse approach’, in RSA Global Publications and Articles website at https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/rsa-blogs/2018/03/co-designing-healthy-bodies-and-places  
  S. K. Phillips (2016) ‘Time to envision our society again’, in RSA Global Publications and Articles website at https://www.thersa.org/discover/publications-and-articles/rsa-blogs/2016/09/time-to-envision-our-society-again  
  S.K. Phillips (2007) ‘Deliberative Democracy’, Futureye Newsletter [4] 2007  
  S.K. Phillips (2007) ‘Blended sustainability services to produce positive outcomes’, Futureye Newsletter [4] 2007  
  S.K. Phillips (2007) ‘Water: election issue 2007’, Futureye Newsletter [4] 2007  
  S.K. Phillips (2007) ‘Long term tort liability: Law reform and social responsibility’, Futureye Newsletter [4] 2007  



S.K. Phillips (2011) Submission to the Review of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006. Submission to Victorian Parliament Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee Review of the operation of Victoria’s human rights legislation.

  S.K. Phillips (2009) ’Working together at community level for better education, training and employment outcomes’, Submission to House of Representatives Inquiry into combining school and work: supporting successful youth transitions  
  S.K Phillips (2002) Impact on Children of Mandatory Detention of Refugees, Submission to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission National Inquiry into Children in Immigration Detention (See Link)  


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